Wealth managers offered an alternative

Tuesday, 01 Dec 2015

This article was published in IFC Economic Report, Winter 2015/16.

Wealth managers continue to be the subject of more regulation which is proving to be an increasingly costly and bureaucratic nightmare. However, there is good news in that this burden can be reduced by utilising listed products, including those on the Channel Islands Securities Exchange (CISE).

The listed ‘kite-mark’

Regulatory and tax policy will often dictate that there is a more limited set of clients who can invest in unlisted products or, even where they can, then there is a high compliance cost.

The ‘kite-mark’ of a listed product may open up the potential pool of investors and where they are eligible, it will also reduce the administrative burden. Listed investments offer both distributors and clients the advantage of a quoted price and beyond that, a much more transparent product.

As such, wealth managers might increasingly turn to establishing their own listed fund range in which their or other clients can invest. At the same time, they may also look to invest more client money in other listed products

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