Working through COVID-19

Friday, 13 Mar 2020

As you are no doubt aware, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic.

In view of what is an evolving situation, at TISE we are implementing precautionary measures in terms of working practices and business travel in order to safeguard the interests of our staff and the wider communities in which we operate, whilst also ensuring business continuity.

We hope that in the circumstances you will be understanding if this leads to any minor inconveniences, but we expect that any disruption will be kept to a minimum given our business continuity preparations. So, whilst staff may be operating from different physical locations than might normally be the case, we do not anticipate any other changes to the operation of the Exchange.

At the same time, while our adapted marketing and business development programme means that we might not be in the same physical place with as many of you as usual, we are still very much looking forward to continuing our connectivity via other means in the coming weeks.

We continue to monitor the situation closely, including public health advice and we will provide any further update as necessary in due course but in the meantime, we look forward to continuing our close relationships with you as we all work through COVID-19 together. 


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Fiona Le Poidevin
Fiona Le Poidevin
CEO & Director, TISEG
Mark Nicol
Mark Nicol
MD & Director, TISEA