Case StudyPraxis IFM

April 2017

Praxis IFM


Established in 1972, PraxisIFM Group Limited is an independent, owner-managed, financial services business with 550 staff. Headquartered in the Channel Islands, it provides bespoke professional services to private individuals, families and international corporate clients globally.


The company listed to provide clarity over its ownership, to enable it to attract and reward staff through equity-linked mschemes, to give shareholders a visible price and market for their holdings, to widen the Group’s visibility internationally and to provide access to the capital markets as a way to help finance acquisitions.


“PraxisIFM was thrilled to announce our listing on TISE in April 2017. The move has broadened our profile internationally, and in particular, within our target markets.

“This listing has also strengthened our position as an employer of choice, enhancing our ability to attract and retain staff.”

Kevin Scott, Chief Operating Officer of PraxisIFM Group Limited


12 Apr 2017

Admitted to Official List


Shares listed on admission


Capital raised since listing

Channel Islands


BVI, Geneva, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Netherlands and UK

Acquisitions since listing


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Carolyn Gelling
Carolyn Gelling
Head of Equity Markets