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How to List

The process for listing on TISE is straightforward, timely and cost-effective.

Appointing a Sponsor/Listing Agent

An issuer must have a Sponsor or Listing Agent appointed at all times while it is an applicant for listing or is listed. The Sponsor or Listing Agent acts as an intermediary between the issuer and the Exchange and responsibilities include preparing and lodging the formal listing application.

A Sponsor or Listing Agent must be a Listing Member of the Exchange which has met the eligibility criteria to act in respect of a particular product. A full list of current Members and their category of eligibility are available below.

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There are two stages along the path to listing

Stage 1 - Initial applications

Response within 3 business days

The issuer, via the Sponsor or Listing Agent, files an initial submission with documents in draft.

  • Once a submission is received which meets minimum information requirements then an analyst is assigned to the application
  • The application is reviewed and a recommendation is made on the issuer's suitability for listing which is considered by the Listing and Membership Committee (LMC)
  • Within 3 business days from submission of the initial application, a comments letter is then released (subject to payment of the listing application fee)

Stage 2 - Subsequent reviews

Response within 2 business days

For each subsequent review we will respond within 2 business days.

  • The LMC can consider and approve final applications received before midday on the intended day of listing (18:00), or with the intention of listing the following morning (08:00)
  • Once approved, a grant of listing letter is released (subject to payment of the first annual listing fee)
  • Debt issues and open ended investment vehicles can elect to list at either 18:00 the same day or 08:00 the following morning. Listing takes place at 08:00 the next day for trading companies and closed ended investment vehicles


Rules and documents

The Exchange’s market authority has Listing Rules for equity and debt which set out the conditions for listing, the application procedure and Listing Document disclosure obligations and the required initial and final application documents.

The initial application documents required for the market authority to start its review include:

  • Listing application form (Appendix 1)
  • Listing document marked up in accordance with the applicable disclosure requirements
  • Non-applicability letter
  • Letter of derogation, if applicable
  • Executed deed or other instrument constituting the securities
  • Structure chart

To make an application, please use the contact below or reach the team by email.

For more information please contact us.
Anthony Byrne
Anthony Byrne
Head of Bond Markets
Robbie Andrade
Robbie Andrade
Chief Operating Officer