The International Stock Exchange has a wide and growing range of products.

TISE is well known as a venue for listing debt, such as bonds and listing investment vehicles, including funds and is open to ideas for new product lines while also monitoring trends and developments globally to ensure it has an offering which is reflective of the marketplace.

There are specific listing rules for the following securities
Trading Companies
A convenient and cost effective option for trading companies to build profile and access capital
Qualified Investor Bond Market
TISE is a market leader, with a streamlined admissions process and approachable team
Investment Vehicles
We take an innovative approach in catering to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse sector
Rules for Special Purpose Acquisition Companies which meet the needs of management and investors
A comprehensive and reputable market segment for environmental, social and sustainable investments
TISE is home to more than 40% of all UK REITs due to our pragmatism and cost-effectiveness

Product Diversity

There is also diversity within these products. For example, in 2015, we saw the first listing from an issuer with an ultimate parent company in China and since then, others have followed.

There are also a number of Islamic finance, Shariah compliant structures listed on TISE, including both funds and debt. One of these is award-winning for being innovative in combining two series of sukuks with Insurance Linked Securities (ILS). ILS is another niche asset class where there are already related listings on the Exchange.

The International Stock Exchange is seeking to continue with that diversification by attracting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), including those from other fast developing sectors such as (Fin)tech.

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Anthony Byrne
Anthony Byrne
Head of Bond Markets
Robbie Andrade
Robbie Andrade
Chief Operating Officer