This site provides a resource for all market news, including individual security announcements such as Net Asset Values (NAVs), as well as price data and recent trades conducted through our bespoke trading system.

Trading is conducted every weekday excluding public holidays and takes place on a continuous basis during normal trading hours of 09.00 to 16.30. Trading Members of the Exchange may also trade outside of these hours.

Public Holidays 2018

The Exchange will be closed for business on the following public holidays in 2018:

01 January 2018 30 March 2018
02 April 2018 07 May 2018
09 May 2018 28 May 2018
27 August 2018 25 December 2018
26 December 2018  


The Exchange will close at 12.30pm on the following days in 2018:

24 December 2018 31 December 2018

Orders & Quotations

Orders and quotations can only be entered into the trading system by a Trading Member and may be added, deleted or amended on the trading system by them between 08.00 and 09.00 (i.e. prior to normal trading hours).

Trading fees and late trade reporting fees are as follows:

£2.50 payable by both buyer and seller, per trade
£10 Late Trade Reporting, per transaction

Trading Members

While there are no restrictions on viewing the information contained in the trading system, investors and issuers who wish to trade at a price displayed must do so through a Trading Member. A Trading Member may register as a Market Maker in any number of listed securities and if so, must enter and maintain two-sided quotations on the trading system.


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Trading in shares may be settled via Euroclear (incorporating CREST and CREST Residual), Clearstream or an alternative settlement system approved by the Exchange before listing.

For more information please contact us.
Jon Richards
Jon Richards