Listing Members

An issuer wishing to have its securities listed on the Exchange is required to engage the services of a Listing Member who will act as either a Listing Agent or Sponsor as determined by the type of security.

An issuer must have a Listing Agent or Sponsor appointed at all times while it is an applicant for listing or is listed. The Listing Agent or Sponsor acts as an intermediary between the issuer and the Exchange. Responsibilities include preparing and lodging the formal listing application.

The Listing Agent or Sponsor must be a Listing Member of the Exchange which has met the eligibility criteria to act in respect of a particular product:

Product Listing Categories
Category 1 Listing Agent for the Qualified Investor Bond Market (QIBM)
Category 2 Sponsor for the Equity Market

Sponsoring Categories

Our range of Listing Members already includes banks, fund administrators, law firms and trust and corporate service providers. They have the ability to list their own in-house products as well as those of their clients.

There is an established process for on-boarding new Listing Members or expanding the categories of membership of existing Listing Members and we encourage early discussions with our team to ensure that this is as efficient as possible.

For more information about becoming a Listing Member then please contact our team by email.



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Jon Richards
Jon Richards
Director & Head of Market Regulation