TISE celebrates first anniversary of Qualified Investor Bond Market (QIBM) | TISE

We are delighted to be celebrating the 1st anniversary of our Qualified Investor Bond Market (QIBM).

Launched on 1 August 2021, QIBM provides a dedicated all-inclusive rulebook which reflects a proportionate regulatory and disclosure regime for all bond products and structures. The QIBM has helped to develop, diversify and strengthen our proposition as one of Europe’s leading stock exchanges for international bond listings.

Since launch, there have been more than 1,000 newly listed securities on QIBM including Corporate Bonds, High Yield Bonds, Insurance Linked Securities, Private Equity Debt Securities, Securitisations, Sovereign and Sustainable Bonds. Today 2,000 issuers from more than 35 countries are listing over 3,500 securities on the QIBM. 

During this period, Securitisation listings have included prominent deals from major international banks backed by a range of asset classes including auto loans, credit card receivables, loans to SMEs, as well as commercial and residential mortgage-backed securities. In the same period, we have further cemented our position as a leading European venue for listing High Yield Bonds.

Furthermore, we are delighted that more than £13 billion worth of green bonds, humanitarian catastrophe bonds, sustainable bonds and sustainability-linked bonds are now listed on TISE. Our sustainable market segment, TISE Sustainable, is an efficient and effective platform through which issuers can transparently demonstrate their sustainable credentials amongst their international peers and to the wider global investor community.

The UK remains our single greatest source of new business, followed by the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, while a quarter of all issuers listing on TISE in the last year are domiciled in the European Union, including those from Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

TISE itself is an independent European listing venue uniquely positioned outside of both the EU & UK. TISE is a Recognised Stock Exchange (UK & Irish Quoted Eurobond Exemptions), Designated Offshore Securities Market (US SEC), Approved Stock Exchange (German BaFin) and member of AFME, ICMA, IOSCO, QCA, UN SSE and WFE.

The QIBM proposition has most recently been enhanced through a detailed revision of its post-listing continuing obligations which can be assessed here.

To read more about QIBM, visit our dedicated webpage here.

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Anthony Byrne

Head of Bond Markets