About TISE

The International Stock Exchange (TISE) provides a responsive and innovative listing and trading facility for companies to raise capital from investors based around the globe. 

TISE offers a regulated marketplace, with globally recognisable clients and a growing product range, from within the European time zone but outside the EU. Headquartered in Guernsey and with offices in Jersey and the Isle of Man, we offer a convenient and cost-effective service for listing a wide range of products, including: 

  • Trading companies
  • Debt
  • Investment vehicles
  • Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)

With a business established in 1998, the Exchange now has more than 2,500 listed securities on its Official List with a total market capitalisation of more than £300 billion. 

2,500+ listed securities Total market value of more than £300bn

Our market authority ensures that issuers meet the conditions for listing and trading and that they comply with their continuing obligations, as well as conducting surveillance to maintain market integrity. 

TISE aims to be a leading international exchange for a wide range of companies by providing pragmatic regulation and a responsive, innovative listing and trading venue.

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Fiona Le Poidevin
Fiona Le Poidevin
CEO & Director, TISEG
Mark Nicol
Mark Nicol
MD & Director, TISEA