Corporate Social Responsibility

TISE is managed in a responsible and sustainable manner, supporting our transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy

Corporate Sustainability

Our vision, mission and values are underpinned by a strong focus on responsible and sustainable business practices.

Read more about the steps we have recently taken on our sustainability journey and how we continue to look for opportunities to enhance the efficiency of our operations. 

Sustainability Statement

Our Values

Our values support out vision and mission and define our common beliefs. They were chosen by our employees as the behaviours which we all strive to act by - both as an organisation and individually.

Be responsible

For yourself, for your team, for the planet

  • We take responsibility for our own actions and are accountable for them
  • We build our future success by working together to help achieve individual, team and business objectives
  • We conduct and manage our business in a responsible and sustainable way

Be curious

Ask, learn and innovate for good

  • We ask questions – an inquisitive and investigative mindset underpins effective regulation
  • We adapt our approach to enhance our competitiveness – finding new (and often better) ways of doing things
  • We operate within a dynamic international environment and seek out new opportunities as they emerge

Be connected

Together we are more

  • We work together to provide our market with the highest levels of service
  • We are responsive - engaging with our stakeholders (including market participants, regulators and industry associations) to adapt and improve our products and services
  • We support and engage with the communities in which we live and work

Our Environment

We are committed to being part of the sustainable capital markets ecosystem, both in terms of how we manage our business responsibly and facilitate capital flows into environmental, social and sustainable initiatives.

Supporting Sustainable Finance

We provide access to the capital markets for companies operating across a spectrum of environmental, social and sustainable sectors including education, healthcare, municipal infrastructure, social housing and renewable energy. We proactively engage with regulators and industry associations to promote and support the development of environmental, social and sustainable finance products and initiatives.

Our dedicated market segment, TISE Sustainable, has been established to help connect issuers and investors to facilitate the flow of capital into investments which promote environmental, social or sustainable activities. TISE Sustainable is available to all TISE-listed issuers who are able to demonstrate compliance with internationally recognised sustainable finance standards.

We continue to list securities which are not within the sustainable sector but remain mindful of the need to appropriately manage and support issuers and investors with their transition to a low carbon and sustainable economy.

Managing our Environmental Impact

We have implemented a range of recycling and energy-efficient practices (such as reduced printing and energy saving light systems) aimed at reducing overall consumption at our offices and minimising the negative impact on our environment. 

Where printed marketing materials are required for our events and conferences, we elect to Carbon Capture our paper purchases, mitigating the carbon emissions associated with paper production by funding the creation of native woodland in the UK. Branded products and event giveaways are sourced responsibly and incorporate recyclable packaging.

We are continuing to review opportunities to improve our environmental performance.

Our Community

As the operator of an international exchange and an active participant in the global capital markets, we connect and engage with a broad range of external stakeholders, both large and small.

Supporting Economic Growth

TISE provides opportunities for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to access the capital markets with a tailored offering which meets the needs of a growing business. With a proportionate and straightforward approach, and a total cost of listing of approximately one third of the cost of the traditional marketplaces, TISE is an ideal ‘incubator’ allowing business owners to scale up their companies sooner than had previously been possible. This brings broader societal benefits through the creation of jobs and new opportunities in their domestic markets. 

In addition to supporting business growth and acquisitions, retail and food service operator SandpiperCI uses its TISE listing to raise its profile and enable wider participation in the ownership of the business. With over 80 stores across the Channel Islands, Gibraltar and Isle of Man, SandpiperCI helps to maintain successful high streets in our local communities.

Providing Employment & Development Opportunities

Our success is founded in the quality of our staff. TISE offers unique career opportunities and employs staff with a diverse range of skills and experience. Our career development programme is designed to attract and develop talent and we make a significant investment in training and professional development to help our staff progress in their chosen careers. 

We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to ensuring that all staff are treated fairly and with respect. Our employment policies follow best practice and, in so doing, ensure that staff are supported and protected in all aspects of their employment. Our health and well-being programme, including events such as Wellbeing Week and Mental Health Awareness Week, help create a positive and healthy workplace.

To find out more about the benefits of a career with TISE, please click here.

Partnering with our Communities

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme helps us to support and engage with the communities in which we live and work. Our staff choose a local community project or not for profit organisation to partner with each year and support them through both fundraising and employee volunteering days. All funds raised by staff through CSR activities are matched by TISE.

TISE provides corporate sponsorship for a number of not for profit organisations and community events, such as, the Extraordinary Islanders campaign in the Isle of Man, the Social Investment Fund’s COVID-19 appeal in Guernsey, the Guernsey Literary Festival and Guernsey Raiders RFC.


Our success is founded in the quality of our staff. At TISE we have a true passion for providing the right support for our staff so that they can achieve their full potential.


Europe’s most comprehensive sustainable market segment, enabling the flow of capital into investments that promote environmental, social or sustainable activities.