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Company Profile

Built on a culture of responsiveness and innovation, TISE connects companies seeking to raise capital with investors based around the globe

Our Credentials

The fact that issuers from around the world and a variety of industries choose to list and trade securities on TISE is in itself a demonstration of the strength of our product and service offering.

A leading
European professional bond market

of all UK REITs are listed on TISE

listed securities on our market

£650 billion+
market value of all listed securities

issuers with securities listed on TISE

countries among the issuer base

Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision, mission and values articulate the focus and ambition for our business. They provide a purpose for our role and define our common beliefs. Our values were chosen by our employees as the behaviours which we all strive to act by - both as an organisation and individually.

Our Vision

To be a leading, international exchange group

Our Mission

To provide a strong, commercial approach to creating a pragmatic and sensible regulatory environment for our chosen markets which appropriately balances the needs and interests of our stakeholders.

Our Values

Be responsible
For yourself, for your team, for the planet

Be curious
Ask, learn and innovate for good

Be connected
Together we are more

Our Proposition

Built on a culture of responsiveness and innovation, The International Stock Exchange (TISE) provides financial markets and securities services to public and private companies.

TISE is best known as one of Europe’s major professional bond markets. Its Qualified Investor Bond Market (QIBM) is the leading market in Europe for listing high yield bonds and is experiencing strong growth in structured finance and securitisation transactions. TISE also has a pool of ‘domestic’ equities and a significant share of the market for listed UK Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), as well as hosting a comprehensive sustainable finance segment, TISE Sustainable.

In 2023, TISE launched a unique offering for the private markets. TISE Private Markets provides unlisted companies with a dedicated marketplace through which they can access an integrated set of tailored electronic solutions, including trading, settlement and registry management.

Headquartered in Guernsey and with staff operating across Dublin, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Jersey and London, TISE has over 4,000 securities on its Official List with a total market value of more than £650 billion. 

Looking Forward

In an increasingly complex world that is driven by changes in regulation and the acceleration of industry automation, we aren't standing still but continuously improving our offering aligned with market and client demands.

We remain focussed on what we are good at: the efficient and secure listing of bonds. Whilst we are committed to maintaining our market leader position in specific segments of the international bond markets, such as private equity debt and high yield bonds, we are expanding our geographical reach to scale up our listing business in the UK, Europe and internationally. The expansion of our product and service offering will help to enlarge and diversify our revenue streams and mitigate business concentration risk in the future.

During 2023 we were delighted to launch our new, innovative private markets offering, TISE Private Markets. Providing private companies with access to a set of integrated, tailored electronic auction trading, settlement and registry management solutions, our unique service gives unlisted companies a much more efficient way to trade their shares than the ad-hoc arrangements that are the norm in private companies. We were very pleased to welcome Blue Diamond Limited, the leading garden centre group based in the UK and Channel Islands, as the first company to join TISE Private Markets.

We continue to invest in modernising and enhancing our technology platform to ensure that we maintain the high-quality client service which is vital to capitalise on the opportunities in both the public and private markets. For our public market, the re-platforming will provide a modern, efficient and simplified service and strengthen our market analysis capability and risk management practices.

Attractive for Investors

TISE (mnemonic: TISEG) has an established record of delivering sustained growth and is well placed to deliver significant medium term value. In 2023 the Group delivered another strong performance, reporting record turnover, profit and earnings per share. The total cash returned to shareholders through dividends during the last six years is more than £9.50 per share, of which over £6.50 has been distributed since the beginning of 2021. The Board remains committed to rewarding shareholders whilst reinvesting in the future of the business.

The Board is confident that TISE's strategy will deliver a stronger and more resilient business and has set the following medium to long term financial targets:

  • Strong improvement in operating ratio

  • Improvement in profit margins

  • CAGR in excess of 10%

  • Dividend policy maintained at 50% of taxed profits

TISE Milestones



  • Launch of TISE Private Markets
  • The Exchange celebrates its 25th anniversary


  • Launch of NOVA - TISE Trading System


  • Record number of new listings on TISE
  • Launch of QIBM and TISE Sustainable 
  • Expansion into Dublin & London


  • MyTISE online member services portal launches


  • Environmental market segment launches 


  • The International Stock Exchange (TISE) rebrands
  • Expansion into the Isle of Man


  • TISE lists its ordinary shares on the Exchange


  • Expansion into Jersey


  • Corporate restructuring: regulatory activities ringfenced within the Authority


  • The Exchange celebrates its 10th year 


  • Established in Guernsey as The Channel Islands Stock Exchange, LBG


We stand out from the crowd because of our culture of responsiveness and innovation.


Meet the Team

Meet our senior team across Dublin, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Jersey and London

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