Meet the Team | TISE

Our Senior Team

Alex Taylor Photo

Alex Taylor

Business Development Manager

Anderson Whamond Photo

Anderson Whamond

Chair, TISEG

Andy Watchman Photo

Andy Watchman

Chief Financial Officer

Cameron Craine Photo

Cameron Craine

Director & Head of Listings

David Kenneally Photo

David Kenneally

Manager, Market Regulation

Emily Humphry Photo

Emily Humphry

Chief Governance Officer

Gill Morris Photo

Gill Morris

Non-Executive Director

Guy Coltman Photo

Guy Coltman

Non-Executive Director

James Robert Photo

James Robert

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

Janette Crowley Photo

Janette Crowley

Senior Finance Manager

Joe Martel Photo

Joe Martel

Technical Architect

Jon Richards Photo

Jon Richards

Director & Head of Market Regulation

Julia Chapman Photo

Julia Chapman

Non-Executive Director

Karl Wilkins Photo

Karl Wilkins

Change Manager

Kay McCarthy Photo

Kay McCarthy

Head of Jersey Office

Laura Cornelius Photo

Laura Cornelius

Head of HR

Mark Oliphant Photo

Mark Oliphant

Head of Marketing & Communications

Nick Bayley Photo

Nick Bayley

Chair, TISEA

Nick Jenkins Photo

Nick Jenkins

Chief Technology Officer

Philip Braun Photo

Philip Braun

Non-Executive Director

Pietman Roos Photo

Pietman Roos

Senior Manager, Market Regulation

Robbie Andrade Photo

Robbie Andrade

Chief Operating Officer