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QIBM Continuing Obligations

TISE is an independent European listing venue uniquely positioned outside of the requirements of the EU & UK Prospectus, Market Abuse, Transparency and Securitisation Regulations.

We provide a dedicated, all-inclusive rule book which reflects a proportionate regulatory and disclosure regime, including post-listing continuing obligations, for all bond products and structures.

The general notification requirements of our continuing obligations can be summarised as follows and are satisfied by publishing an announcement on the TISE website as soon as reasonably practicable:

  • Any takeover of, merger by, or purchase of the issuer
  • A change to the issuer’s name
  • A failure to repay principal or settle coupon in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bonds
  • A change to the final maturity date of the bonds
  • In relation to derivative bonds, any material changes that are made to the associated underlying asset/rate/index
  • in relation to convertible bonds, where the conversion entity is not listed on an exchange, any information on the conversion entity that might reasonably be expected to materially impact the bondholders
  • Any further issues and/or partial redemptions of the listed bonds
  • Any full cancellation and/or redemption of the listed bonds

For more information regarding QIBM’s post listing continuing obligations please visit Chapter 3 of the QIBM Listing Rules.


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