SandpiperCI | TISE



Admitted to Official List: 31 May 2019

Shares listed on admission: 100m

Shares sold at £0.75: 25.1m

Market cap upon listing: 75m

Delisting date: 2 July 2024


SandpiperCI Group Limited is an international retail and food service operator with over 80 stores across four territories. They are a franchise partner with 14 of the world’s best brands and bring shopping experiences to thousands of customers across the Channel Islands, Spain and Gibraltar. SandpiperCI and its predecessors have over 50 years experience in successfully managing franchise operations.


SandpiperCI’s entire issued ordinary share capital was admitted to the Official List of TISE. The listing came three years after the Company was taken into local ownership and as part of the listing, 25.1 million shares were sold at a price of £0.75 per share, with more than 120 new shareholders, the vast majority of whom are Channel Islands’ residents. Following this successful admission, SandpiperCI had 100,000,000 shares in issue and the opening market capitalisation of the company was £75 million. 

In May 2024, the Board of SandpiperCI announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, SandpiperCI Retail Limited, had entered into a share purchase agreement with Wm Morrison Supermarkets Limited to sell Food Retail Limited, which will be the holding company of the group’s food retail business. At the same time, the Board also announced the intention to delist from TISE.   


“We are very pleased to have successfully listed on TISE and welcome all new shareholders to the Company. The TISE listing raises our profile while, at the same time, enabling wider participation in the ownership of the Company and providing an ongoing market for the shares.”

Tony O’Neill, CEO of SandpiperCI Group Limited, speaking at the time of the listing in May 2019.