Becoming a Member

We have a Membership which facilitates business with issuers while also having a responsibility to help maintain market integrity.

There are two types of Members:

Listing Members
A Member who is entitled to act as a Listing Agent or Sponsor for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining a listing of securities on the Exchange.
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Trading Members
A Member who is involved with the trading and settlement of transactions effected under the rules of the Exchange.
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Our Members already include a significant number of banks, fund administrators, law firms, trust and corporate service providers and stockbrokers.

Being a Member widens the range of products these firms can offer their clients and this is especially important when a business is seeking to be able to provide a ‘one-stop shop’. We are extremely open to welcoming new Members who can help grow business with issuers while also ensuring investor protection and the orderly operation of the market. There is an established process for on-boarding new Members and we encourage early discussions with our team to ensure that this is as efficient as possible.

Qualification & Code of Conduct

The qualification criteria to become a Member, as well as other information such as Member responsibilities, is set out in the Membership Rules. Members are also expected to comply with the Code of Conduct set out in the Membership Rules.

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Jon Richards
Jon Richards
Director & Head of Market Regulation