Membership Rules

These relate to the activities of Listing and Trading Members, including trading and settlement.

Please use the following links to access our Membership Rules. Note that in the event of a discrepancy between the online version of the Rules and the hard copy, the online version will prevail.

Membership Rules
Membership Rules
Membership Rules - January 2020.pdf
Trading & Settlement Rules
Membership Rules
Trading and Settlement Rules - January 2020.pdf


Membership fees

Initial Membership Fee (Listing or Trading Member) £10,000
Initial Membership Fee (Listing and Trading Member) £15,000
Annual Membership Fee (a Listing and Trading Member will pay both annual fees) £6,300


To view the full Membership Fee Schedule including Membership Initial and Annual Fees and Member Rule Breach Administration Fees, click below:

Membership Fee Schedule - February 2020

Documents & Forms

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Jon Richards
Director & Head of Market Regulation