Membership | TISE


Becoming a Member is simple. We serve international firms who benefit from being able to facilitate listing and trading on our market

TISE serves a significant number of Member firms, from international law firms, stockbrokers, and fund administrators through to trust and corporate service providers. 

Being a Member widens the range of products these firms can offer their clients and this is especially important when a business is seeking to be able to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ in issuer services. We are extremely open to new Members and we will support their service offering with our responsive approach and easy to talk to teams. 

We offer three membership options:

  • Category 1 Listing Member (Listing Agent) – Qualified Investor Bond Market (QIBM)
  • Category 2 Listing Member (Sponsor) – Equity Market
  • Category 3 Trading Member (Trading Member) – All Markets

Becoming a Member of TISE is very simple.

Our offering means that applying for any one, or more, of the categories of Membership is straightforward and cost effective:

  • No fees
  • A simple application and on-boarding process
  • Support and guidance on the application process provided
  • Guaranteed 3-day decision turnaround for completed applications
  • Available for applicants who can demonstrate suitable experience for the Category requested

List of Members

Category 1 — Listing Agent for the Qualified Investor Bond Market (QIBM)

Category 2 — Sponsor for the Equity Market

Category 3 — Trading Member