The UK’s public markets are broken, but private companies need better market structure | TISE

Writing in the Fintech Herald, our CEO Cees Vermaas explores how private companies need a better market structure and how TISE has developed a solution in the form of TISE Private Markets.  

In Europe and the UK, public markets and IPOs saw a dramatic decline last year. The number of IPOs was down, and the money raised on those IPOs is down. Many of the flagship IPOs that took place performed poorly post-listing. The trend towards private markets is clear, companies are choosing to stay private for longer. As a result, more value is generated while the company remains private.

What’s clear is that private markets need a solution for liquidity to achieve the desired recycling of money into new investments. How about… a secondary market for private companies and investors to access liquidity events without the volatility of listing on the main markets? Somewhere early shareholders and VC and PE funds can find exit opportunities? Where new institutional investors can gain access to companies they might not be able to otherwise? Where employees can access liquidity in their shares? Where investors can recycle their capital having the certainty of periodic liquidity events? Sign me up.

Click on the link to read the full version of this article which was published in the Fintech Herald, April 2024