TISE helps St Sampson’s students stay hydrated | TISE

The International Stock Exchange (TISE) has provided financial support for the installation of a new water fountain at St Sampson’s High School in Guernsey.

The St Sampson’s High School Student Council has been pursuing a series of initiatives to enhance the school environment, including new water bottle refill stations which are in easy reach of the outdoor facilities.

The student council members said: “After writing letters to local businesses asking for donations, we are very grateful to TISE for their generous sponsorship of our bottle refill station. We have already filled over 1,000 bottles in the few weeks since the fountain has been installed. It’s great too that the community can also access the machine when they are using the school’s sports facilities at weekends or in the evenings. Thank you, TISE!”

The student council comprises Ezrah Simon, Jane Van Der Watt, Gracie Guille, Harvey Mallandaine, Ellie Luxon, Olly Stephens, Adam Collenette, Theo Pattimore and Monty Desforges (all pictured), as well as Katie Luxon, Eddie Dorrian and Beth Phillippe (who were unavailable for the photo). Also pictured is St Sampson’s High School Principal Vicky Godley, as well as Laura Cornelius, Head of HR at TISE, and Andrew Watchman, CFO at TISE.

The student council members have been supported in their work by Jess Ingles, Teacher in Charge of Learning Outside the Classroom.

Ms Cornelius said: “It’s fantastic to see the student council taking the initiative to enhance the facilities at the school and we’re delighted to support them in enabling all students to stay hydrated while being active in using the outdoor facilities. We’re very pleased that the new water fountain is already proving very popular, and we hope that this is a long-term asset for the students and also the wider community.”

Laura Cornelius Photo

Laura Cornelius

Head of HR