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Trading Companies

We provide a proportionate and cost-effective approach tailored for SMEs.


We offer certainty of listing requirements, including a freedom from EU legislation and regulations, which enable a proportionate and cost-effective approach that has been tailored for SMEs.

A listing on our market enables a company to demonstrate that it adheres to the standards of transparency and governance of a regulated market. This is comforting to investors – it may expand the potential pool of available capital – and it is important for the future development of the company. 

The convenience of TISE allows a company to become familiar with the requirements of being quoted so that it is better prepared for the transition to being listed on a major global exchange, where appropriate. In that sense, we might be viewed as a ‘stepping stone’ or an ‘incubator exchange’.


The main requirements for listing trading companies on TISE are as follows:

  • The company must be worth at least £1 million, although the Exchange may permit a lower value 
  • At least 25% of shares must be in ‘public hands’ (i.e. not those of Directors and therefore creating a market), unless otherwise agreed by the Exchange 
  • Three years’ audited annual accounts, although this does not apply if the company has been operating for a shorter period and there may also be other exceptions 
  • Directors must provide a statement certifying that the company has sufficient working capital for at least 12 months or otherwise, how they propose to provide such capital to ensure its continued ability to trade.
  • Once listed, the issuer must adhere to ongoing continuing requirements, as set out by the Listing Rules of the Exchange.


Initial applications for listing will receive our response within 3 business days from submission and subsequent reviews will be carried out within 1 business day. We are also able to consider more unusual transactions and welcome early initial enquiries in that regard.  

How to List on TISE

Who are your advisers?

Companies will often start the process by appointing/consulting one or more of a range of advisers, including corporate finance advisers, lawyers, accountants and tax advisers, who will be part of your team to assist through the listing process.

What type of listing?

The team will need to identify the way the company is going to be brought to market. This can be done by one or multiple methods, for example:

  • an introduction 
  • an offer for subscription or sale
  • a placing

How will any capital raising be achieved?

If the aim is to raise capital in the primary market then it is important for the company to work with its advisory team and especially the corporate finance adviser and any investor relations consultants, to attract commitments from investors, whether retail or institutional. 

Appoint a Listing Member? 

Companies considering a listing on TISE should have early conversations with one or more of the approved TISE Listing Members in order to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. 

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